Julep Maven

Julep Maven is a nail polish subscription program that costs $19.99 a month.  Each box contains 3 products and a little extra freebie that are all worth about $40. There is a quiz you can… Continue reading

Product Design

Hey everyone! I found an interesting article about “The dos and don’t of Product Design” that I wanted to share with you. The main idea I found from this article is that “Design… Continue reading

The Dallas Museum of Art

I strongly encourage everyone to go visit the Dallas Museum of Art. General Admission is free but I also wanted to let you know that they currently have a new exhibit called “Hopper… Continue reading

Alphonse Mucha

Mucha’s artwork is by far one of my greatest inspirations. I have always loved pattern and design, and I believe the way that Mucha integrated it into his artwork was genius! Not only… Continue reading

DIY Art for Beginners

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to share this link with you which contains 100 DIY wall art ideas. I recommend these projects especially for beginner artists because each one contains step by step instructions. One of my… Continue reading

Abstract Art

Abstract Art is probably one of my favorite art movements yet. It is always fun analyzing someone else’s art and trying to figure out what their subject might resemble. I encourage everyone to… Continue reading

Advertising Techniques

Recently, for my Rhetoric class I was required to write a visual analysis essay about an advertisement. This assignment was one of my favorite ones yet, because it allowed me to analyze and… Continue reading

Networking in the Art Community

Due to current technology and digital platforms people from a million miles away can connect with each other on the Internet. For artists this is especially useful, because their art can be seen… Continue reading

Wikipedia Editing

Recently, I edited a Wikipedia Article for the first time ever! The experience was definitely unique and I would like to try it again soon. I chose an article in an art field… Continue reading

Package Design

As females, anything shiny and colorful attracts our eyes. We, are willing to buy anything if it looks “pretty” overall. If you take second to contemplate, the art and design of a  product’s… Continue reading